Alterations & Tailoring

Bolton In-Store Service

Our onsite alterations experts in downtown Bolton are here to assist you in achieving the perfect fit. We offer women's and men's alterations for garments such as pants, skirts, tops, blouses, dresses and more. Whether a simple hem or a more complex alteration, we will work with you to understand your needs.

Located in: Royal Courtyards

clothing designer using sewing machine in studio

Alterations & Tailoring Price List

Shorten Pants $20
Rolled Hem (Per Yard) $25
Rolled Hem With Lining Add $10-$20 (add $10 up)
Rolled Hem With Straightening $10-$20 (add $8)
Tighten (Both Sides) $46
Jeans - Euro Hem $23
Jeans - Wide Hem $23
Zipper Change $25-$50
Button Replacement $2
Lining Change $80
Waist Belt Change $40
Waist Belt Change $40 (including hem, add $10)
Waist Belt Change $40 (including lining, add $18)
Dress Take in Both Sides $30
Dress Take in Central Seam At The Back $35
Lining Change $80
Zipper Change $25-$50
Button Replacement $5
Wedding Gown - Taking In Sides Up to $200
Wedding Gown- Adding Modesty Panel Up to $50
Wedding Gown- Adding Bra Cups $40
Wedding Gown- Adding Bustle Up to $95
Shorten Skirt $30
Tighten Skirt Both Sides $30
Tighten Skirt Central Seam At The Back $30
Skirt Lining Change $65
Tighten Shirt/Blouse Central Seam At The Back $30
Shorten Shirt Sleeves $35
Leather Jacket Alteration $75
Leather Jacket Re-Stitching $25
Zipper Change $45-$85
Lining Change $150
Tighten Central Seam At the Back With the Lining $50
Complex Alterations - Shorten/Lengthen Darts $15-$25
Complex Alterations - Raise Or Lower A Dart $10-$20
Complex Alterations - Tailor A Ready Made Jacket With Lining $75-$220
Complex Alterations - Armhole Adjustment $20-$40
Complex Alterations - Sleeve Cap Adjustment $35-$60
Complex Alterations - Neckline Redesign $25-$95
Button Holes $10
Re-Stitching Frayed Seam $5
Patches $5-$15
Sew On Patches By Hand $30-$40